• We provide our clients in France with well-designed employee benefits package and due to our expertise and professional knowledge we offer to our clients the most attractive rate conditions and optimized coverage.

  • We work with our clients to design and implement a benefits program that maximizes profits with timely reporting and easy reporting procedures.

  • As we assist our clients in formulating benefits strategies with our understanding of French laws and regulations, we respond accurately to legislative and regulatory changes as long as insurance environment is involved.

  • Whether your needs are international or local in France, we can provide our clients with solutions and services for assistance with employee communications, multinational pooling or expatriates' cover.

  • We are constantly keen to communicate with our clients and in particular with the Human Ressources Director and/or with the Company's involved French social partners to explain deeply implemented insurance solutions.

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N° ORIAS : 07 008 648 – www.orias.fr
Jean-Michel TROADEC : (33) 6 67 43 25 88
François VIZET : (33) 6 67 37 89 24
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